Los Angeles death cleanup by Eddie Evans costs less. Why?

Because Eddie has no connection to county employee monopolies over death cleanup in California. Each county coroner department in California's counties has an employees' monopoly over blood cleanup in general. These employees send corrupt crime scene cleanup companies to victims' death scenes. There, cleanup begins and at an extraordinary high price -- death cleanup price gouging.


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My death cleanup business telephone number remains available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

I clean after death throughout Los Angeles County. Because I must travel from Orange County I charge more for areas in Northern California. I must do this because of time and costs. I have an Internet business marketing service and when I leave it I fall behind. Just the same, my death cleanup prices remain much lower than my competitors prices.

Types of Death Scenes


Accidental Death Cleanup

I've completed death cleanup for accidental deaths in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Among my death cleanup I've completed accidental construction site death cleanups, two fall jobs, and industrial accidents leading to loss of one or more limbs.

Elevator Construction Death

The number of accidental death cleanups that I receive in any one year remains low. At least, my numbers are low compared to what crime scene cleanup monopolies received. I've done some serious accidental death cleanups over the years, which remain in the back of my mind whenever I think about accidental deaths.

I once cleaned a construction accident at a construction site in Marina Del Rey. (return) Two young carpenters were working over an elevator shaft in a building that had yet to have its walls put up. The elevator shaft consisted of a wood frame which the carpenters used to hold up a link plywood across the shop.

The workers had two days off for a weekend. During these two days rain soaked the plywood stretched across the elevator shaft. When the to carpenters return to work they didn't give much thought to the plywood strength. One walk out upon the wet plywood with a skill saw and began to solid piece of wood to fit across a would frame member.

While selling the wood frame member the second carpenter walked out onto the soft plywood. At this time it gave way in the to fill three stories into the elevators basement area. The basement area has yet to be submitted. Like the broken plywood bridge, the soil inside the elevator shaft basement was also something puddle.

While on the way down young man holding the skill saw failed to release the skill saw button because, we can imagine, shock took over. The skills all remained in cutting motion severely crosscutting the young carpenter as he fell. Because the skill saw was attached to a lengthly extension cord, this all remained turning until the carpenter made impact on the floor below.

Meanwhile, the second carpenter made a freefall the same distance; he survived the fall with a broken neck and broken back, but the young carpenter with the skill saw did not survive long after making impact upon the elevator basement floor.

Blood and other potentially infectious material soaded into the wet dirt. My job became more like a ditch digger or infantry soldier. I dug out about 6" of dirt. This I faithfully placed in red bags and forwarded it into the medical waste system.

Poisoning by Paint Remove Fumes

Then there's the Altadena accidental death scene cleanup in a church alcove. A church worker had died while applying hazardous materials to pay for its removal. I have no idea which paint remover was in use while the worker work, but I knew enough to know that he had scraped paint from the alcove stairs and while doing so allows the pain remover to dwell. While dwelling the paints gases slowly made their way to the floor.

While on his hands and knees working upon the floors pay, actually slack, the worker was overcome by paint remover fumes. There he died of lack of oxygen while unconscious. This was a very easy death cleanup.

No blood, no mucus, and no OPIN were found. As on all death cleanup work, I used peroxide top-to-bottom, 360 degrees -- everywhere that I could. I use those own, I used in air mover, and I use Pine-Sol to scrub and rinse with. Was not much else to be done.



Crime Scene Cleanup


A homicide by fire in Paramount, California took the lives of a young mother and her young son; their husband, father went crazy one afternoon for reason that I am not aware. I received the call on my way back from a Sacramental crime scene cleanup job. I rushed to Paramount as safely as possible.

On the scene I found little resembling human blood or OPIM. The bathroom served as the mother's death scene while the boy had burned to death in the apartment bedroom. His father had tied the young boy to the bed, doused it with gasoline, lit the bed, and then ran and jumped out of the bedroom window. He broke a leg on the way down.

From what I figured out the mother died sitting up with her back to the plastic tub. The remnant's of human flesh appeard to adhere to the suspect area of the tub. No certainty came to mind.

I removed the suspect skin for red bagging in any case.

The mattress showed no sign of human remains, little remains of mattress fabric and filling existed, but for the springs. No red bag material decerned on this death scene lead to biohazardous waste removal.

Fire fighters apprehened the perpetrator. This death cleanup following a fire was no accident, but a homicide of the cruelest sort.

From the numerous alcohol bottles at the death scene I surmised the perpetrator had fallen into a drunken madness.

Shotgun Suicide

My first shotgun suicide took me 3 days to complete. I had to know empirically that nothing remained related to a human body.

Because this unattended death cleanup folled a suicide it remained untouched until the coroner entered; afterwards, this suicide cleanup remained untouched while coroner employees investigated the cause of death. Once satisfied that the cause of death followed from the victim's own hands, the apartment management called me.

I cleaned top-to-bottom, 360 degrees 3 times. I had removed everything from the bedroom, including the carpet and clothing. An odor persisted. I then painted with a paint primer. The odor diminished and finally dissipitated beyond my olfactory perception.




Homicides account for about 1 out of 10 of my death cleanup jobs. I noted death by fire as a homicide above. I've probably taken on a dozen or so vehicle homicide cleanups. An equal number of suicide cleanups in cars and trucks accunt for many of my death cleanups. Most often homicides and suicides in vehicles occur by handgun and occassionally rifles; two shotguns account for two vehicle cleanups, one in Utah, another in Costa Mesa (before 2005)



California Murder Scenes


Los Angeles Suicide Cleanup

The Los Angeles County coroner's office receives credit for doing important research into suicide notes.

With the County corner researchers found is that suicide notes most typically fail to give a reasonable account for a suicide victims final act. Note sometimes dwell on trivia like feeding the cat, pain the electric bill, and comments on the weather. From research we have found not to rely on suicide notes.

In my experience was suicide cleanup notes do not follow suicides often. Those that I have found, however, I believe that actually shed some light upon the suicide death cleanup that I was performing.

For example, one vehicle death cleanup suicide left a note. Her note was addressed to a Catholic priests. She explained that she was sorry for what she was about to do, but that she was out of money and she could no longer bear the pain of her cancer. I wonder what folks would think about Obama care in this context?

In terms of other research, we witnessed a spike in statistical averaging of suicides in Los Angeles County in 2008. This is the year that the savings and loans, banks, and real estate industry shared responsibility in the real estate bubble blowup. A Los Angeles real estate directory has more information on the scope of suicides related to real estate and economic pressures.


Traumatic Injuries


Unattended Death Cleanup



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